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CMS Hosts Financial Awareness Fair

CMS Hosts Financial Awareness Fair
Laine Williams

On Tuesday, April 25, Corinth Middle School hosted a Financial Awareness Fair for its 8th grade students. During this fair, representatives from seven local banks participated with the goal of preparing students for their financial future. 

The following community members presented on several different topics: Wendy Shinault, Trustmark Bank; Sondra Swallow, Cadence Bank; Taylor Berry and Alex Hodgin, Regions Bank; Laressa McGee, Renasant Bank; Cameron Crockett, Commerce Bank; Matt Quinn, Home Banking Company; and Joe Dwyer, CB&S Bank.

Topics included student checking accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, online banking, credit cards, credit scores, car loans, home loans and commercial loans. Students participated in these presentations by guessing the answers to questions such as “how much does an average used car cost?” and “how much is a mortgage?” Identity theft and the importance of protecting personal information was also discussed. After the presentations, students walked around to explore each table and talk with the bank representatives. 

The students enjoyed learning about these different financial areas. “What I learned is that financial awareness is crucial in today’s world,” said 8th grader Qwantiver Young. “It refers to an individual's understanding of their financial situation, their financial options and opportunities, and their ability to navigate the complex world of personal finance. Financial awareness includes knowledge of budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt.”

Ms. Beverly Shanks, a computer science and engineering teacher at Corinth Middle School, organized the fair. “I believe that it is not only important for students to just be college and career ready, but they also need to know how to manage their money when they get their degrees and/or go out into the workforce to earn a living,” said Ms. Shanks. “We need more events like this in school that help prepare all students for the real world.”

The bank representatives enjoying having the opportunity to present this important information to middle school students. “It was my honor to speak about home loans to the 8th grade class,” said Mr. Quinn, market manager at Home Banking Company. “The kids were very attentive and respectful. I am always more than willing to share the knowledge I have to the students and giving back to my alma mater that gave so much to me when I was in school. The future is very bright for these young men and women. Go Warriors!”

Overall, the Financial Awareness Fair introduced 8th graders to a variety of financial concepts, opening the door for additional conversations and real-world applications.